10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

strong immune system

The change of seasons, the busyness of everyday life can lead to lower immunity to colds, flus and allergies and initiate pain in your sinuses, promote tickle in your throat, and heaviness all over your body. It can be amplified by your poor choices of regular diet, inactivity level, and not prioritizing your health and consequently getting unwell or experiencing such symptoms are quite likely to appear.

Approach towards healthy lifestyle and good habits and making greater choices consistently can cut down your sick days, help coping up with seasonal shifts and keeping your immune system sturdy and ready to give a tight fight to any virus.

Maintain a nutrient-packed diet

nutrient packed diet

Having a rich diet consists of fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds and lean proteins and antioxidant-rich foods is the most simple and important way to keep your immune system functioning normally. They provide the nutrients your immune system needs. It seems difficult to tighten yourself in such diet but it’s definitely worth trying to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Move your butt and do exercise daily

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Your body is not designed to sit all the daylong move. Regular exercises and healthy diet are the most significant factors for your immune system. Studies have shown that people live inactive lifestyles are more likely to fall sick, get colds and flu or other infectious diseases. Even a gentle walk outside in the fresh air will work.

Get enough sleep

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Sleep deprivation and stress load amplify the hormone cortisol and interrupt proper immune function. Proper sleep and rest help your body to restore and rejuvenate and ward off sickness and symptoms. If you have endless-to-do list, take a power nap of half hour or take some deep breathing or do something where you can switch your mind off for some time. It will at least help your body to strengthen and balance.

Breathe deep

Deep breathing calms your mind, body and strengthens the major organs of the body such as lungs and the heart. It brings a sense of peace, promotes digestion, offers a better sense of manageability to what you are dealing with in daily life. Enjoy your time every day to breathe deeply, consciously and slowly outside in nature and fresh air.

Avoid tobacco smoke and alcohol

Tobacco consumption weakens basic immune defences and doubles the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia and excessive alcohol consumption increases vulnerability to lung infections.

Wash your hands with soap and water

Washing your hands is the most effective way of protecting yourself against of infectious diseases such as influenza and the common cold.

Avoid processed foods and refined sugar

By having Processed foods such as candy, cookies, white pasta, bread, frozen meals, soft drink, soda and fast food on daily basis you are challenging your body to digest foods that are devoid of essential nutrients and vitamins and not fit for human body. They not only rob your body of the nutrition but make your body fragile to any infection and diseases. Focus on having foods as close to their natural state as possible to support your immune system.

Avoid supplements that claim to boost your immune system

Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are what we require to boost our immune system and it’s best when they come from our food, fruits, vegetables we consume regularly. An active and cautious person even doesn’t need such vitamins but you need to be very watchful if you are having general multivitamin such as A, D, E, and K, which can be risky and unsafe to humans if taken in high doses.

Catch some rays

Sunlight helps the skin in production of vitamin D. A 10-15 minute session of sunlight exposure from November through February can help you get enough of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can lead greater risk of respiratory infection, risk of influenza A and may other things. Studies have found that vitamin D can help lessen your chances of getting flu by as much as 40 per cent.

Try probiotics

The bacterial infection in your gut can affect your body’s ability to ward off infections. Probiotics can improve the body’s innate immunity, help alleviate excessive inflammation in the gut, and boost immune function.