What Is Skinny Fat Really?

skinny fat

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The term ‘skinny fat’ was first exploded into our general consciousness by an article on the March 2014 in TIME Magazine, where it was shown that how an apparently skinny and allegedly healthy physique can be potentially dangerous.

When I heard the term ‘Skinny Fat’, my first reaction was ‘how the hell can somebody be both ‘skinny’ and ‘fat’ at the same time?’ Is it a joke or any kind of satanic curse? What our common wisdom says is that if you are overweight or flabby then you are unhealthy, and if you are slim and skinny, you are certainly healthy. Who cares about skinny fat really?

New research has found Skinny Fat is more dangerous than anything else. Medical term call the ‘skinny fat’ person is ‘MONW’ (metabolically obese normal weight) and it means you are ‘under lean but over fat’. You actually don’t have enough muscle but have too much fat.

Well, then it means ‘skinny’ refers to have low levels of lean muscle and the ‘fat’ refers having too much body fat, which is deceivingly lying all across you body (especially around you abdominal part). It does seem to me that it is better to be fat and fit than to be skinny and shapeless.

Women are more likely to have the skinny fat problem than men. It’s not a genetic disorder or inexplicable affliction. It has some specific causes. The recipe for skinny fat is:

Severe calorie restriction

Excessive aerobic exercises

Minimum weightlifting with an emphasis on high-rep training

Are You Skinny Fat?

You can be called Skinny Fat when you seem to be skinny yet have a body that is extremely soft and flabby and lacks firmness and tone. You should know the trademarks of being skinny fat. Check out the few below symptoms, and check in with your doctor to get some necessary tests to confirm the fact.

You haven’t done any kind of exercises or lifted weights for your whole life.

You experience steady ‘sugar crashes’ or feel fatigue, low energy most of time, or have difficulty with your memory, or attentiveness.

You don’t like protein-packed foods.

Your belly is larger and flabby than the other parts of your body.

Your regularly diet is overloaded with carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, or fast foods. You feel easily tired or light-headed after some mild exercise.

Common attitude of Skinny Fit:

“As Long as I Look Good, All Fine With Me Because That’s What Matters Most”

Sadly, this is the attitude that causes people to become skinny fat. The appearance of being skinny seems to matter most than being fit and fine. The distribution of fat of ‘skinny fat’ people is different which initiates the risk of having some serious health problems.

There are two types of fat, first is subcutaneous fat, which we can see in fat people, and the second is visceral fat that is internal fat develops specially in the abdominal cavity, gets stored around the organs, and wraps around your kidneys, stomach, intestines, and liver. Such kind is worse than the first and skinny fat has a lot of this second type.

According to Harvard Medical School, visceral fat can cause you a lot of troubles including the risk of cardiovascular disease, bone problems, and high cholesterol Insulin resistance that initiates type 2 diabetes.

Skinny fat people may look beautiful but their bodies are in trouble of having so many health risks. So, throw such attitude and determine your body fat percentage.

Kick-start Your Health

Being watchful of your everyday habits can lead you towards a healthy and better defined life. Little steps can have a big impact.

Go for a balanced diet that means – have less sugary stuffs and more nutrient-filled foods. Make sure you stick to the four major food groups: protein, healthy fat, carbs and non-starchy vegetables and stay away from fast foods, excessive carbohydrates and oily stuffs.

Don’t neglect your healthy protein – eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, seeds and protein shake- that is a significant building block of bones, muscles mass, cartilage, skin, and blood. It keeps you energetic and fuller and maintain a healthy metabolism.

Exercise. You got to do it at least 30 minutes a day.

Lift some weight: According to research, to optimize your muscle mass, you need combine your protein with strength training.

No stress at all. Do a yoga class, meditate, or read or anything that get your stress level down. And last but not the least…Sleep six to eight hours.

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